This section is about my experiences in science fiction fandom.

Letter From J.R.R. Tolkien (January 1968) – This may be my first contact with a kind of fandom.

My Life as a FanEd (March, 1990)

How Louisville Changed My Life (August, 1991) – Rivercon Guest of Honor speech

My First Worldcon (September, 2004)

First Night Debriefing Report (From Noreascon IV, 2004)

External Links

SUBROUTINE STORY(GOLDIE) - In the 1960′s, I was co-editor of the MIT Science Fiction Society’s fanzine, The Twilight Zine. This was one of my contributions, a story written entirely in Fortran.

The Mad 3 Party - In the 1980′s, I was editor of Noreascon 3′s Hugo-winning fanzine that tells you more than you ever wanted to know about running a Worldcon. Some issues have been scanned and are available here.