Spring is when everything happens all at once

ForsythiaNo, that picture wasn’t taken today – it’s from several years ago, but it was taken on March 13. A reminder that in spite of the foot of snow outside my door, we’re really getting close to spring. And I really need to start putting some time into my usual whirlwind of spring gardening activities.

Wednesday I met with my landscape committee co-chair and contacted our landscape designer to start preparing our plan to present to the March board meeting. We have a list of sites, and a rough idea of what we want to do with them, but we need to firm it up, come up with cost estimates, and prepare a document to hand out to the board.

On the vegetable garden front, I need to send out a message explaining a proposal for changing the garden path layout and wait for the repercussions, good or bad. Then, assuming it’s approved, order some 6-foot wide groundcloths for covering the paths, plus a 300-foot ruler for laying out the plots. And get my hands on the information sheet we send out each spring, work with others to decide on the date, edit it appropriately, and print it up and distribute it. And next month contact Codman Farm about doing the spring tilling.

Yesterday, I totally forgot to go to a town meeting about the annual garlic mustard pull. So I’ve sent an email to someone in our neighboring condos, Lincoln Ridge, to see if she went and if she wants to coordinate our dates this year. (We tried to last year, but it didn’t work out due to conflicts.) Then later put together a flyer to distribute about that.

Then there’s my own garden – I need to get organized to order any seeds I need and start any plants I want to start under lights in my basement.

And in mid-March, the guides training for Garden in the Woods will begin.

What have I forgotten?