The cats are growing up

Pekoe stretch

When I met Pekoe back in late Oct. he weighed 5.4 lbs and was as thin as a rail. His estimated age was 6 months. Now he’s about 11 months old, weighs about twice what he did then, and measures 32 inches from paw to paw when splayed out like this. A big boy! Jasmine is still fairly petite, although she has filled out also. She was estimated to be a month older, so may be one year old now. No way I’m getting her to sit still on the scale, though. She’s still very nervous, although has grown very affectionate when she feels safe. She likes to sleep on top of me.

I let them both out on the screened porch for the first time yesterday. Pekoe went right out, while Jasmine hesitated for quite a while before braving it. They both stayed on high alert the whole time, and came back in completely wired. As the weather gets warmer, I’d like to let them wander freely out onto the porch when I’m home, but I’m not entirely sure they can be trusted not to try to climb on the screens, which would not be good, as the screens are not very sturdy. So for now I’ll only let them out when I can be on watch.