Soggy Trail Walk

When I heard the rain pattering down this morning, I almost didn’t go to the conservation trail walk. But I did drag myself out and it was actually quite a lovely walk. A bit soggy, but lovely. The first spring green is finally starting to come out and somehow the rain makes it all greener. As it turned out, there was just three of us, and the walk was a bit shorter than usual, but we had a nice time.

We started at the Codman Estate, and walked around back and through the hemlock grove that hugs the north side of small ridge, out toward Route 126. There was water in places where there normally isn’t water, such as this little stream that drained out into the wetlands – normally dry or just a trickle when I’ve walked there before.

stream with skunk cabbage

I was happy to see the bright green leaves of the skunk cabbage - not so happy to see all the invasive honeysuckle surrounding it. And you can’t see them in the picture, but thousands of little Canada mayflowers or wild lily-of-the-valley leaves were poking up through the dry leaves.

We went a few steps along 126, then back in on a new trail that skirts the farm fields and goes up on the ridge for ways, coming down by the new alpaca barn. These lovely animals seemed unfazed by the rain, but are clearly way overdue for shearing. I expect to see them suddenly get much skinnier in the coming days.


Next we crossed Codman Road and slogged through the woodlands of Codman South. It was very damp in there, with a number of vernal pools and lots of lovely green moss. We went through a patch of red maples, where the ground was littered with tiny red blossoms. The ground was so wet, it felt like walking on a sponge.


We came back out along the field behind the police and fire stations, and back down Codman Rd. to our cars. After an hour, I was wet enough and happy to head home and dry out.