Tomorrow’s procedure

Tomorrow morning I’ll be going to Lahey Clinic to get a corticosteroid shot in my thigh to see if it will help the bursitis I’ve been dealing with for two years now. I tried this once before, and it helped for a while, but I had it done at a place where they didn’t use imaging to be sure they were getting it in the right spot. I’m hoping that the more careful method they use at Lahey will work better and last longer.

One of my very nice neighbors has agreed to drive me over and wait around for the two hours the procedure will take. This is totally unnecessarily (it’s a local anesthetic and I drove myself last time) – they are just being overly conservative. I hate to ask for favors, but this is the friend I helped out a bit when she broke her ankle last fall, so I’m trying not to feel too guilty about imposing on her.

FIngers crossed.