“Procedure” completed

If I can keep Pekoe off my keyboard long enough to let me type a few sentences, I just wanted to let everyone know that this morning’s “procedure” at Lahey has been completed with a minimum of discomfort. After a day or so of soreness, I’ll be able to tell if it had any effect. Fingers crossed.

2 thoughts on ““Procedure” completed

  1. Huzzah for that minimum of discomfort. Hope it proves effective by the time the weekend arrives, and that it continues to be so for a very long time.

    In the meanwhile, please give Pekoe a scritch for me and tell both your kittens I look forward to meeting them. (They’re still kittens until they’re a year old, right? I still have some time left, right? Hope so! But if it’s cats I meet, so be it.)

    • Definitely still kittens, if you judge by their behavior. And thanks for the good wishes.

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